Insecure Trump's National Security Advisor Has COVID-19; We Welcome Newly Minted Associate Solitary Reporter John MacIver

Donald Trump is the most insecure man in America.


Which is why he’s been sending Federal Soldiers into Portland, Oregon, and other blue cities whose Mayors are Democrats — all for his obviously vain effort to keep his job.


Noted historian of the American West Patty Limerick was on NPR today. She said that if she had Trump’s job, she would never never send federal troops, whether from DHS or wherever, to a big city in the Pacific Northwest.


Robert O'Brien, Trump’s National Security Advisor, has COVID-19 (


So we tasked newly minted Pacific Northwest associate solitary reporter John MacIver with spraying pepper spray on Los Federales as they pushed back BLM protestors in Oregon’s largest city.


Which is why MacIver is in an undisclosed location as an inmate somewhere in Portland — but we don’t know where.