American Psychiatric Association Reconsiders the Goldwater Rule, Concludes Trump Is Anything But Normal

Donald Trump is not a normal person.


Just ask Dr. Bruce Schwartz, the President of the American Psychiatric Association (APA). His office is located on Maine Avenue S.W. in the District of Columbia — a factoid which immediately reminded us that Maine’s senior senator, Susan Collins, a Republican, infamous for voting for Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh — is certain to be defeated on November 3 by Democrat Sara Gideon.


According to our longtime Washington sidekick, associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman, Dr. Schwartz is pushing the APA to repeal the Goldwater Rule, which forbids psychiatrists from expressing an opinion about any person without “examining” her or him.


Goldwater was the far-right GOP nominee against LBJ in 1964, and at that time, numerous psychiatrists said the senator from Arizona was not mentally fit to be president, and he got a monetary judgment against Fact magazine because of that, and then the APA passed the Goldwater Rule (


Yesterday, Politico’s Anita Kumar wrote that Scott Jennings, who worked for Bush Two and is close to the White House, said that Trump needs to change his motto from “Make America Great Again” to “Make America Normal Again” (


So we dispatched ASR Coleman to visit Dr. Schwartz, who knew exactly why Coleman was there before even acknowledging his presence.


“Keith,” he began, “Donald Trump is not a normal person. I’m for

Biden — are you With Joe?”