Oregon to Secede After Trump's All-Too-Cute Distraction Effort Fizzles

The United States began as an experiment in how to deal with oppression. Back then, it was the notoriously autocratic King George III who, in 1773, inspired American patriots in Boston to toss British tea into Boston Harbor.


Then, in 1860, South Carolina, a slave state, seceded, sparking the Civil War. And Donald Trump is intent on preserving the Confederate flag and protecting statues such as that of Tennessee’s Andrew Jackson, his favorite president.


And here we are in 2020, with a morbidly obese man in the White House, who, unlike President Eisenhower, had never been a military leader,  and had never been elected to anything before, who has sent Department of Homeland Security officers to Portland, Oregon, ostensibly to protect a federal courthouse, only those officers are roaming around the city in unmarked cars and not wearing identifying insignias, and dragging peaceful protesters away in violation of their constitutional rights, after a few protesters in Portland broke a fence protecting a federal courthouse.


And that morbidly obese man is spending some $20 million on ads, so he can keep his job, emphasizing his commitment to LawnOrder.



So we sent associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman, our Chief Investigative Reporter and a part-time resident of San Francisco, to visit Oregon’s Governor, Kate Brown, a Democrat.


Brown has been conspicuously vocal in condemning Trump and his Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, for sending federal troops into Portland without being invited. Brown has made it clear that Trump’s motives in doing so are patently clear: that, desperate to keep his job, he’s doing it as a distraction (https://katu.com/news/local/gov-kate-brown-responds-to-president-donald-trump-claim-federal-officers-have-done-fantastic-job).


It wasn’t until 1846 that the status of Oregon was settled in negotiations between the Brits and the Americans: see The Oregon Controversy in 

Howard Lamar, ed., The New Encyclopedia of the American West, 1998, pp. 833-834.


“Susanna,” Governor Brown began, “we here in Oregon have had it with Donald Trump. I’ve just consulted with our U S Senators and our legislative leaders, all of whom are good Democrats like me.”


“The only sensible course open to us is to leave, in protest. You’re the first to know, so please tell the solitary reporter and DNC Chair Tom Perez, that I will be announcing our Secession Plans later today. You’ll be in the front row along with the solitary reporter and Perez."