Trump on Biden's Level of Alterness

We’re not sure why he wawnted to do this, but Chris Wallace of Fox Anti-News interviewed Donald Trump and asked him to what extent he takes responsibility for the COVID-19 crisis.
Believe it or not (thank you Ripley!) he said: “Look, I take responsibility for everything….I have to get everybody in line. Some governors have done well, some governors have done poorly. They’re supposed to have supplies they didn’t have. I supplied everybody.”
After this edifying comment, Wallace asked him about the man who’s way ahead of him in the polls.
And this is what the most obnoxious man in America said: “Joe doesn’t know he’s alive, OK? Do the American people want that?” (
As usual, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones was in the room during the interview.
Irrepressible as always, Jones completed the sentence, at which point Jones found herself — as she has many, many times — thrown out the window.
But at least she was wearing a mask.