Why Biden Will Name Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms As His Soon to Be Vice President, After Georgia's Chief Justice Upends Gov. Brian Kemp

During the Trump Era, the main objective of the morbidly obese Donald Trump has been to make Government, at all levels, obsolete.


The irony, of course, is that in terms of protecting the Constitution and Us the People of the United States, Trump is obsolete, and will be even more so on January 20, 2021, at 12:05 pm, when Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. will take the Oath of Office to be our 46th President.


That will be immediately after Chief Justice John Roberts swears in  Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms as Vice President.


In July 2020, Bottoms, a Democrat and the Mayor of Atlanta, issued appropriate Coronavirus Orders which are more restrictive than the Peachtree State’s Republican Governor, Brian Kemp, has

issued — because Kemp is a Trumpian.


It was Kemp, in his capacity as Secretary of State of the Peachtree State in 2018, who stole the gubernatorial election from Stacey Abrams. 


Georgia and Florida both have Republican governors. Both Kemp and Trumpite governor Ron DeSantis have ignored public health concerns by “reopening” their states to everybody who wants to do whatever they want, especially on the Sunshine State’s beaches, as a direct result of which Florida is now one of the nation’s biggest hotspots for COVID-19.


Yesterday, Kemp, through Republican Attorney General Chris Carr, sued Bottoms for disagreeing with him on how to deal with the coronavirus (www.cnbc.com/amp/2020/07/16/georgia-gov-brian-kemp-sues-atlanta-mayor-over-citys-face-mask-mandate.html).


But associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman took care of that right away by speaking directly with Harold Melton, the current Chief Justice of Georgia.


As soon as she entered his Chambers, Chief Justice Melton knew exactly why Sherman was visiting him, so Sherman didn’t have to say anything, as he said, “Susanna, I know why you’re here, which is to ask me to issue an Order of Mandamus to Kemp, demanding and requiring that he quit cluttering up our Courts by filing frivolous lawsuits.”


“So I have issued Orders to all Courts in our State, mandating that any lawsuit filed by governor Kemp is to be dismissed immediately.”


As soon as Biden was informed by his Campaign Manager, Greg Schultz, of Chief Justice Melton’s Order of Mandamus, he told Schultz to prepare an announcement that Bottoms — who knows considerably more than Kemp about The Virus, because she herself has contractred it — would be his Running Mate. Biden told Schultz, “The whole world is running from Trump, and Keisha is doing a great job running Atlanta, so she’s the Perfect Choice. She’s a woman and she’s African American, she’s attractive, she has four children, so there you go, Joe.”


It was shortly after that, that Biden chose Bottoms as his Vice President, but the news was embargoed until next month when the national Dems hold a safe, virtual convention.


The embargo was put safely in place by a number of very important people.


They included Nikema Williams, the Chair of the Georgia Democratic Party, who, like Bottoms, is African American; she also has tested positive for COVID-19; by ASR Sherman; Bottoms; Campaign Manager Schultz; DNC Chair Tom Perez; and Biden himself.