Mary Trump's Got the Goods on Her Uncle

Donald Trump is by far the most insecure man who has ever sat in the Oval Office at 1600 Pennsylvania — a location from which he can look right out the window onto Lafayette Park at his treasured statue of the American president he most admires, Andrew Jackson — the Trail of Tears guy — which is why Trump has a portrait of our seventh president in his Oval Office — and why Trump’s hard corps of military dudes and dudesses are under strict orders to prevent protesters from removing that very statue.


Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, is a clinical psychologist, she has a PhD in that, and she knows what she’s talking about. Anybody who thinks Trump should keep his job — especially associate solitary reporter Eddie Cook, the Chairman of the Colorado RepublicanParty — needs to read her book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, which Trump & Co. tried to prevent being published. See


As we have said in these pages many times, Donald Trump has a classic narcissistic personality disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and paranoia. He thinks he’s the only one who can do anything about anything. That’s why Joe Biden will be our next President, unless Trump tells Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf to prevent that from happening — and in the Era of Trump, that is a distinct possibility.