Should We Feel Sorry for the Little Sisters of the Poor? Plus, Politico's John Harris Hypothesizes About Trump Dropping Out, in Spite!

If anybody was looking for even more evidence that Donald Trump devalues women and women’s rights, one need look no further than to the position which his Justice Department took in the latest development in the saga of the Little Sisters of the Poor.


Today, by a 7-2 vote, with a strong dissent by the ever-valiant Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Supreme Court sided with Trump in upholding his broad rollback of Affordable Care Act rules requiring employers to provide free birth control to women, a result long sought by pro-Trump religious groups (


As Politico’s Susanna Luthi said, today’s SCOTUS ruling is likely to revive debate over the culture war issue as Trump is desperate to keep his job.


In other news that also did happen, Politico’s co-founder, the eminent John F. Harris, nailed it when he hypothesized that Trump is so mercurial, so unfit for doing anything good in the public arena, that he might foment even more chaos by dropping out of the race well before November. We must always remember that everything about Trump is always and only about Trump — just as everything about Sarah Palin was always and only about Sarah Palin. See the opinion piece, including some tongue-in-cheek writing; Daniel Lippman is the co-author, and here’s the title:


Trump drops out. Biden gets sick. Pence is fired. What if 2020 gets really crazy? The most norm-shattering leader in American history is bound to produce some surprises, especially with his reelection in peril.


Doesn’t that make you want to read the whole piece? Here you go: