Bolsonaro Catches His, As AMLO Prepares to Visit Trump

There are only a few  differences between Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro .


One of them is more or less good-looking, but the other one isn’t, though he thinks he is.


One of them is clinically obese and wears a bird's next on his head which is beyond description.


The other one is South America’s version of Trump, only worse.


Yesterday, the one in Brasilia tested positive for COVID-19 after swaggering around everywhere in Brazil (except the Amazon, which he’s hellbent on destroying) without a face mask.


Trump never wears a face mask in public. He can’t even say Good Morning to his Chief Butler without crowing about how clever his constant barrage of overnight tweets is.


The United States of America, which Trump professes to love, is the epicenter of The Virus.


Brazil is Number Two.


Both Trump and Bolsonaro are bigtime COVID-19 Deniers.


So we sent our Chief South America Correspondent, associate solitary reporter Sylvania Juguete, and our Chief International Correspondent, Larry Theis, to Brasilia.


Theis is a retired Denver lawyer who speaks dozens of languages, but not a single word of French.


Today, Mexico’s left of center President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) makes his first trip outside Mexico since taking office for his

six-year term in December 2018.


He’s been highly criticized in Mexico for providing Trump with numerous photo-ops to impress his few remaining Latino supporters (


So why would AMLO, whose nation has been vilified by Trump ever since his widely YouTubed June 2015 Descent on his Escalator at his Tower with Trophy Wife Number Three just ahead of him, want to sit in the peoples’ Oval Office and shake hands with a man who has been ever so keenly described by his own niece, Mary Trump, in her tell-all book which Trump & Co. tried to hard to suppress 



We’re workin' real hard on that one, AP fans.


Juguete had one final word to share with us: “SR, Donald Trump, el es solo un hombre estupido e idiota."