What Pence Will Say Tomorrow at Mount Rushmore When Introducing Trump

Donald Trump is notoriously restless, and until he showed up in Tulsa on June 20 for a rally that fizzled, he didn’t like being cooped up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue because of COVID-19.


And tomorrow, he’s going to Mount Rushmore to headline a fireworks show, complete with an Air Force flyover, even though public health officials at the highest level, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, have warned in the strongest terms that it’s a really bad idea (https://www.politico.com/news/2020/07/01/fauci-rushmore-trump-347511).


Not only that, the Sioux leaders on whose lands Trump plans to trod don’t want him there either (https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jul/01/mount-rushmore-donald-trump-sioux).


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones never leaves Trump's side — largely because she has the capability of making herself invisible whenever she wants — and she just texted us to let us know that late yesterday, she was with Trump and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.


“Mark,” Trump said to the former hard-right North Carolina Congressman, “tell Pence that he’s coming with me and that when he introduces me, he’ll propose that I have done such a great job of Making America Great that to celebrate everything I’ve done, there needs to be an expansion of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial to include my gorgeous face right next to Lincoln’s, wearing a MAGA hat, and showing me golfing at Bedminster."


“Come to think of it, Mark, Lincoln got a lot of things really wrong — for example, he issued his Emancipation Proclamation in the middle of the Civil War — it would be better if I just replace Lincoln.”


“Yes Sir,” Meadows said, and immediately called Interior Secretary David Bernhardt to tell him to get started right away, adding that it’s not necessary to consult Congress about the project.