Karl Rove's Timely Message to Trump: Go Away Please

Mike Pence says Donald Trump is doing a great job combatting a virus, but Dr Fauci and the other experts, within the so-called Trump Administration, say differently: Dr. Fauci says always wear a mask especially outside, and HHS Sec Azar even does that inside when he’s next to Pence.


Not only that, but along comes Karl Rove, supposedly part of the Trump campaign, who says that neither Trump nor his very unruly campaign has any coherent message for 2021-2025 (https://www.politico.com/news/2020/06/26/karl-rove-warning-trump-campaign-341504).


Of courdse, DNC Chair Tom Perez and everybody here at AP have a clear message for the Trumpians: go away please, and don’t come back.