Associate Solitary Reporter Susanna Sherman Refutes Solicitor General Francisco's Arguments Against the ACA

Our Chief Legal Correspondent, associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman, was with Donald Trump’s Solicitor General, Noel

Francisco, as he rushed to the Supreme Court late yesterday to file Trump’s brief in opposition to the Affordable Care Act.


Sherman, like all our associate solitary reporters except for Trumpite Eddie Cook, reports directly to us and DNC Chair Tom Perez.


A graduate of prestigious Yale Law School, Sherman was Deputy Solicitor General under President Obama until she retired when Obama left office.


Sherman made Francisco show her his ridiculous written argument as to why the best health care law ever passed in these here United States should be held unconstitutional, 5-4, with all the Republicans on the Court voting to toss “ObamaCare” out into the streets.


“Susanna,” Francisco said, “the law is totally fake, just like all the fake news out there. It’s unconstitutional on its face.” Francisco, making a political statement, was not wearing a face mask, but Sherman was.


“But you see,” he continued, “the real reason why my client hates the Affordable Care Act is because of the middle word in it: he doesn’t care about anyone except himself and his family — though he sure doesn’t care anything at all about his niece, Mary Trump, whom he wants to deport to Germany, where the Trumps came from, because of that libelous book she wrote about the Trump family."


Striding rapidly toward the SCOTUS Clerk’s Office before it closed at midnight, Sherman pointed out to Francisco that Trump’s unceasing opposition to the ACA will cost him bigtime in November (


Taking her cue directly from Politico’s Susannah Luthi, Sherman then stridently demanded that the federal government’s top appellate lawyer explain to her how Trump can possibly expect to keep his job next year when more people in the United States have died from COVID-19 than all the American soldiers who died in Vietnam and Korea combined, and when the invalidation of the ACA would result in literally millions of Americans being totally deprived of any health care coverage.


Francisco, a presidential appointee, was quick to tell Sherman to get out of his way, as he almost didn’t make it to the Clerk’s Office before the Clerk of the Court, Scott Harris, slammed it shut, scowling at Sherman all the while.