Tulsa's In Lockdown

Summer Solstice, 2020


Yesterday, our Narcissist-in-Chief, who is steadily and irreversibly losing ground in the all-important polls to Future President Joe Biden, endangered not only six of his campaign staffers to COVID-19 (they tested positive), but anyone who showed up for his useless rally in Tulsa.


Why did Trump choose Tulsa?


That’s easy. In 2016, while losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton, Trump carried deep-red Oklahoma (used to be Indian Territory before it became a State, because of President Andrew Jackson’s Trail of Tears, before it became the Earthquake State) by some 36 points.


And Trump’s Hopelessly Focused on Him and Him only and undoutedly very large underpaid staff (only they don’t know it) knows that because the Would-Be-King has been feeling ever so sorry for himself while cooped up in his Fortess at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (because he knows only about his own private health and the health of his very sensitive privates, and he don’t know nothin’ ‘bout public health), the wouldbe ManKing cares only about himself and his dangerous plan to keep his job, he wasted millions of dollars flying on Air Force One to Tulsa yesterday, against the advice of every sensible person, especially the public health community, even more especially right there in Tulsa, to try, very unsuccessfully, to revive his flagging campaign.


He boasted that a million people wanted to see him in person while contracting COVID-19, but guess what?


Only a tiny portion of them showed up.


But to those deluded few who did show — and who were forced to waive their rights to sue Trump for his billions as soon as they get sick — which most of them surely will — they got what they wanted, especially learning that Trump has told his benighted CDC and Health and Human Services Department and the Lord knows who else, to quit testing — 


that COVID-19 is the KungFlu, and he thinks that’s funny.


Which is why Tulsa, especially Greenwood, aka Black Wall Street, was destroyed by a white racist mob 99 years ago, which Trump, whose knowledge of American history is limited to his mistaken thought that President Jackson was kind to Native Americans, never knew nothin’ about, and still probably don’t know nothin’ about.