Former Federal Judge Lambasts Trump's Justice Department for How It Handled the Michael Flynn Case; Joint Chiefs Chair Apologizes

As the whole world already knows, Donald Trump’s personal attorney and Attorney General, William Barr, in order to please his boss, has filed a motion in the United States District for the District of Columbia to drop the prosecution of Trump’s first National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn.


Although we here at AP do not at all view with favor former Indiana conservative talk show host Mike Pence, the former Indiana governor did at least have the sense, soon after January 20, 2017, to catch Flynn in a lie about his contacts with Vladimir Putin’s then Ambassador to the United States, Серге́й Кисля́к (Sergei Kislyak).


(Note, Putin — who knows ever so much more about how to conduct international relations than Trump — strategically moved Kislyak to a different post: since September 2017, Kislyak has represented the Респу́блика Мордо́вия (Republic of Mordovia, in Western Russia) in the Federal Council, the upper chamber of the so-called Russian legislature, otherwise known as the body of people who do what Putin tells them to do.)


And then suddenly and appropriately, Flynn was forced to resign, after a mere 22 days, and then he was (also appropriately) prosecuted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller III, because Trump wouldn’t be where he is now without the well-docmented interference in our 2016 presidential election by his close personal friend, Vladimir Putin.


So, after Barr & Co. asked the Judge presiding over Flynn’s criminal case, the Judge, The Honorable Emmet Sullivan, sensibly invited others to participate in the matter.


Judge Sullivan then appointed, to this very high profile case, a retired federal Judge, John Gleeson, to look into the matter.


And now Gleeson has issued a memorandum, in which he lambasted Trump's Justice Department for its handling of the Flynn case (


Associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman is our point person for contacts with the federal judiciary, so we asked her to speak with Judge Sullivan about the Michael Flynn affair.


“Susanna,” Judge Sullivan began, “if I had the power to do so, I would indict William Barr for his perfidy in the performance of what he’s supposed to be doing."


In other news, Trump’s Pentagon is more than upset with him. This, because he made the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley — our highest-ranking military officer — accompany him on his  infamous photo-op stunt on June 1, when Barr caused Trump’s law endorcement to tear gas Lafayette Park to clear the Park of peaceful protesters, all so Trump could have a photo-op, with somebody else's Bible, in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church (known as the Church of the Presidents), justifiably angering the Episcopal Bishop of Washington, Mariann Edgar Budde (


So we dispatched our Chief Military Correspondent, associate solitary reporter Joshua Marshall, to visit the Pentagon. There, he observed everyone in the building giving General Milley a standing ovation for standing up to Trump.