Why Texas' Republican Governor Has Become a Democrat

Donald Trump never looks at CNN, but yesterday, America’s Most Trusted Name in News provided uninterrupted coverage of the funeral of George Floyd, in Houston, including Texas’ Republican Governor, Greg Abbott, who is confined to a wheelchair.


Was Gov. Abbott praising the police and police unions?


Guess again: the GOP Governor was praying next to George Floyd’s casket.


Governor Abbott told reporters outside the church, “Today is a sad day. Ever since his death has been a sad day. This is the most horrific tragedy I have ever personally observed. But George Floyd is going to change the arc of the future of the United States. George Floyd has not died in vain. His life will be a living legacy about the way that America and Texas respond to this tragedy."



Back in Washington, as associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman watched, RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called Governor Abbott and told him that his membership in the Republican Party has been cancelled for extreme disloyalty to Trump and Trumpism.


When associate solitary reporter Patrice Malinowski called Gov. Abbott to tell him he’s been expelled from the Republican Party, the Good Governor immediately told Malinowski that tomorrow, he’ll change his registration from Republican to Democrat, the Party of the People.