Trump's Medically Unfit, As Usual

Someday, China and Japan will have leaders who are women. We had our chance four years ago, but something happened that never shoulda happened. And yes, we here at AP are indeed relitigating the 2016 presidentiall election. After all, your solitary reporter was a litigator for a number of years.


The most arrogant by far, the most undisciplined by far, the most untemperamentally unfit by far, the most deceitful and corrupt by far — AP fans, you already know whom we’re talking about.


Alaska’s Senior Senator, Lisa Murkowski, is unlikely to vote in November for the leader of her Party (


Colorado’s junior senator, Cory Gardner, didn’t vote for him in 2016 after the Access Hollywood tape was released. In November, Democratic Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff is sure to defeat Gardner, after the Centennial State’s June 30 primary. Romanoff’s opponent in the primary, former Gov. John Hickenlooper, skipped an Ethics Commission hearing today. How could that be?


Senator Mark Warner, Democrat from Virginia, has appropriately called for Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Attorney General William Barr, to resign after Barr ordered law enforcement to clear Lafayette Square so his client could have his outrageous photo-op at St. John’s Episcopal Church (


He recently had his physical, and CNN nailed it when it that said “REMINDER: We *still* know very, very little about Donald Trump’s medical history" ( 


By standard medical criteria, Donald Trump is obese, among his other characteristics. 


General Jim Mattis was one of Trump’s Defense Secretaries before he resigned so Trump could have a Secretary of Defense who agreed with him on what to do about Syria’s intractable civil war, and, unlike Trump, Jim Mattis is honest, and he just called Trump out for his utter divisiveness; and, true to form, Congressional Republicans who understand politics (but who don’t necessarily understand morality) are standing by their man (


Enter associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman, who made himself invisible (he’s good at that, as are all our associate solitary reporters) and interrogated White House physician Sean Conley and demanded to know whether the American people can even consider voting for a man with such an uncertain medical history.