How Trump Reinforces His Racist Agenda by Naming Iowa Congressman Steve King As His Chief Racist Staffer

Republican Congressman Steve King represents Iowa’s Fourth Congressional District. The nine-termer is the most conspicuously racist of all GOP Members of the House, and, because of that, the Republican leadership in the House stripped him of his committee assignments, and RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel starved him of badly needed campaign money.


It worked, because King lost his Republican primary yesterday (


As reported in today’s Politico, King’s loss is a boon to a party eager to boost its standing with minority voters, increase the diversity in its caucus, and project an image of tolerance ( 


Conversely, DNC Chair Tom Perez told associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman that he had just lost a golden opportunity to tie King’s overt racism to all GOP candidates.


Associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman has been following the King Controversy for years, and, because of his ability to relate to people whose ideologies he totally disagrees with, he reached out to King early this morning to ask him about his plans to continue with his racist, anti-immigrant agenda.


“Keith,” King said after cursing his Republican detractors, “I have two options. One is to hire on with Rush Limbaugh, and the other is to praise Donald Trump for his moral leadership and work for him in the White House side by side with Stephen Miller.”


Coleman smiled and said, “Congressman, I think you would help Mr. Trump a great deal more if you could actually replace Stephen Miller, because Miller has been largely responsible for Trump’s unpopularity with Latinos; and if you were to replace him, that would reinforce Trump’s desire to be seen as more racist than George Wallace or Strom Thurmond.”


King erupted in jubilation as he received a call from Trump, who said, “Steve, I’m sick and tired of Stephen Miller, even though he wrote my inaugural address for me. I need a Congressional veteran like you to be my Chief Racist Staffer.” 


King then proudly walked into a busy pedestrian shopping mall without a face mask and hugged his few remaining supporters. Then he told his wife, Marilyn, that they are staying in Washington, where he will be Trump’s most conspicuous staffer — even more conspicuous than Trump’s close personal friend and Breitbart go to guy Steve Bannon — in proclaiming the virtues of white supremacy.