Trump Will Soon Issue Edict Barring Episcopalians from Engaging in Any Act of Worship

Our Covidic Menacer-in-Chief, Donald Trump, describes himself as the perfect embodiment of a Law’n Order Tough Guy like Richard Nixon and his first VP, Spiro T. Agnew.


Seems nobody ever bothered to tell him that churches are places of worship where prayer is a major priority — as in sanctuaries where people can pray for peace.


Trump is not a man of peace. Yesterday, he yelled at Governors for not being tough enough on protesters who turn to violence. "You have to dominate," he said.


Then, he walked from the White House to historic St. John’s Episcopal Church, just off Lafayette Square, to hold a Bible for a photo-op. Attorney General William Barr stood with his boss.


Tear gas was used to disperse peaceful protesters who would have blocked his way.


The Right Reverend Mariann Edgar Budde is the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington. Speaking by phone to CNN’s Anderson Cooper immediately after Trump’s stunt, she condemned Trump in the strongest terms, noting, in particular, that he had, without consulting her, just used the front of St. John’s as a backdrop for a photo-op and that, among other things, “he did not pray” (


Always with Trump 24/7, yet equally always invisible to the mainstream press, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones confronted Barr as he walked back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for further instructions from his client. Barr was seething with indignation at the misbehavior of protesters who have turned to violence amid the protests against the police-instigated murder of George Floyd last week in Minneapolis.


“Johanna,” Barr said, “tell the solitary reporter and Tom Perez at the DNC that Mr. Trump will, tomorrow, in the Rose Garden, issue an Edict in the form of an Executive Order, expressing forbidding all one million eight hundred thirty-five thousand members of the Episcopal Church from entering any Episcoipal church, or any other church for that matter, and that they can’t participate in worship on Zoom, either.”


At this very moment, Jones is conferring with ACLU President Susan Herman to consider legal action.