In Which We Concisely Explain Why Angela Merkel Is A Real Leader But Trump Is Not

Here at AP, we have known from the outset that women are better than men in nearly every respect.


The latest proof of this comes with sensible German Chancellor Angela Merkel turning down Donald Trump’s insistence that the G-7 leaders should meet in person in a venue in the US of Trump’s choosing; and her declination to attend in person has thrown Trump into one of his typical meltdowns (


Merkel is, of course, well aware that Trump only wants to use his G-7 meeting for a photo-op in his quest fo return to so-called “normalcy” in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.


We must remember that Trump originally wanted to host that G-7 meeting at one of his lavish resorts.


Trump just doesn’t seem to understand the need for physical and social distancing.


In yesterday’s Times and on Judy Woodruff’s PBS News Hour, David Brooks was spot on when he bemoaned the fact that in Trump, we do not have a real leader who can deal with a global tragedy with empathy and understanding. Brooks contrasted President Lincoln’s understanding of the extreme pain of the Civil War and President Obama’s handling of the Sandy Hook Massacre with Trump’s narcissistic reaction to COVID-19.