How Boris Johnson Hopes to Get Back at Xi for Clamping Down on Hong Kong All Over Again


Today, Xi Pingjin’s rubber-stamp so-called parliament voted 2,878 to ONE to impose tougher restrictions on pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. And of course violent clashes promptly took place in the Autonomous Region between protesters and police.


Promptly, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said that as a consequence, some 300,000 Hong Kongers who hold British passports will be allowed into the UK, with a clear passage to fealty to the Queen; and tomorrow, Donald Trump claims he will announce how he will retaliate against Xi.


As soon as Raab completed his remarks, our London-based associate solitary reporter, Danielle Packwood, was there as Raab was joined — most reluctantly — by First Sea Lord Admiral Tony Radakin, a veteran of Margaret Thatcher’s defense of her faraway Falklands.


With Admiral Radakin remaining silent — much to his distress — Raab then proceeded to tell ASR Packwood that Radakin will immediately send hundreds of war boats to Hong Kong to occupy it and immediately turn it over to the Queen.


Then, Raab left, and, finally the good Admiral was able to tell Packwood that it would take at least two months to get his fleet to the Hong Kong Autonomous Region.


“Danielle,” he cried, “the only way to stop Xi is for Donald Trump to send his warplanes to Beijing right away.”


So Packwood texted associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, who immediately texted back, saying “Nothing doing, Trump’s too busy blaming the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolist on Joe Biden."