Read All About It Right Here: What Would George Washington Say to Donald Trump About Twitterism?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Donald Trump is the most mendacious man ever to sit in the White House.


For Trump, FACTS are simply irrelevant.


Matter of fact (pun intended) if a FACT gets in his way, he slams it and calls it fake.


George Washington — the Founder of our country, and a brave man in battle — has never used social media, especially Twitter; that said, what would he say these days if he were to ride up to the White House on Blueskin, his favortite horse, and ask to visit Mr. Trump and discuss Twitterism?


To answer that question of intense historical interest, we turned to associate solitary reporter Lewis Thompson III. 


Though he lives in Denver, Thompson is the Moderator of the

Boston-based Unitarian Universalist Association, which has a membership of (more or less) one hundred ninety-nine thousand eight hundred fifty theologically brave souls.


Thompson holds a PhD in American History and Theology from a tiny school in eastern Massachusetts, called Harvard. John Harvard was one of the founders of Harvard College, and he had as his goal that the then-few inhabitants of Cambridge would have a well-educated clergy, so long as they preached theological doctrines of sin and eternal damnation.


Trump uses Twitter, all day and all night, to spread his malicious attacks on anyone who dares to disagree with him.


Twitter, founded in 2006 during the presidency of Bush Two by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams, has twenty-five offices all around the world, and one of them, according to associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, is located in Trump’s Oval Office.


For months now, a big big debate has taken place as to whether social media giants like Twitter and Facebook have any responsibility at all to monitor the truthfulness of posts.


And now Trump has threatened to “take down” Twitter because it has warned users to check out the obvious falseness of Trump’s claim that voting by mail causes fraud (


Republicans have, for many years, been very interested in suppressing votes by voters of color. Have a look at the 2018 election in Georgia, when then Secretary of State Brian Kemp, a white man and a bigtime Trump supporter, and the chief elections official of the Peachtree State, had a great deal to do with suppressing the votes of his Democratic opponent, African American Stacey Abrams (


Trump’s really scared these days, and his advisers have told him he’s gonna lose bigtime to Joe Biden (


Associate solitary repoter Sylvia Kingston and associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman are a Dynamic Duo of political consultants who support the work of DNC Chair Tom Perez, and for them, there is absolutely no doubt, factual or otherwise, that Biden will succeed where Trump has totally failed.