Boris Johnson to Be Replaced by Fella Conservative MP Theresa Anne Villiers

Our far-flung associate solitary reporters are constantly on the lookout for all things political, especially anything of a hypocritical nature.


Boris Johnson and Donald Trump are very similar people, but one of them never combs his hair, while the other one never goes anywhere without a flunky making sure that the thing on his head is, well, still on his head.


Our London-based associate solitary reporter, Danielle Packwood, was at 10 Downinig Street today as Boris Johnson’s chief aide, Dominic Cummings, spoke into a microphone, trying unsuccessfuly to justify his trip across England, which broke Johnson’s guideliness for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic (


Both Packwood and the BBC’s Katty Kay told us that most subjects of Her Majesty the Queen did not take kindly to Cummings’ trip and have demanded his resignation.


But Johnson’s standing by his man, and, in the face of the huge backlash which Cummings’ trip caused, Packwood just texted us to let us know that Conservative Party Co-Chairs Amanda Anne Milling and Ben Elliot are stridently opposed to Johnson staying in office because of his failure to fire Cummings.


Packwood also spoke with the most prominent Conservative Party members, including its Treasurer, Sir Ehud Sheleg; and leading Tories Alok Sharma, Sir William Nigel Paul Cash (a prominent Eurosceptic and the oldest duffer sitting in the House of Commons), Christopher Heaton-Harris, Johnson’s Minister of Transport; Daniel Kaczynski, a distant cousin of our most prominent Polish American associate solitary reporter, Aleksy Kaszuba; and all the other 361 Conservative MPs; and, to a person, they all said that Johnson does not hold their confidence any more.


Which is why Johnson has just been forced to resign, with fella MP Theresa Anne Villiers, the MP for Chipping Barnet, ready to succeed him as Prime Minister.