Associate Solitary Reporter Johanna Jones Has a Better Idea for Where the GOP Should Hold Its Convention in August

Donald Trump is desparate to keep his job, only this time, Vladimir Putin will have to redouble his efforts to help him, if Trump is to be successful in November.
His re-coronation is supposed to take place in Charlotte, North Carolina’s largest city.
Problem for Trump, McConnell, & Co. is that the Governor of the Tarheel State is Democrat Roy Cooper, who is quite dubious about Trump’s fanatical and unsound idea of filling up the Spectrum Center — which holds twenty thousand two hundred people — just for the optics — so now Trump is threatening to pull the RNC out of North Carolina ( 
Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, who is with Trump ever so much more often than he is with Trophy Wife Number Three, has a better idea: Antarctica, where, as of press time, there is no COVID-19.
The Party of the People has scheduled its presidential nominating convention to take place at the Fiserve Forum in Milwaukee. Joe Solmonese, formerly the President of the Human Rights Campaign, will be running it. 
The Human Rights Campaign is the largest LBGTQ advocacy group in the United States.
Republicans don’t believe in human rights; the only thing they believe in is, these days, is whatever Trump believes in.
Next, we turn to the important question of where Trump spent Memorial Day weekend: at one of his very numerous golf courses, and he spent the entire weekend insulting people and spreading conspiracy theories (