Trump Breaks the Law in a Key Battleground State, and Pulls Out of an International Treaty

Today, Donald Trump went to Michigan, a traditionally Democratic state that he won in 2016 by a scant 10,704 votes, out of four million five hundred thousand three hundred eighty-two votes cast.


The Wolverine State has a massive sixteen Electoral College votes, and they all went to Trump instead of to Hillary Rodham. Michigan is critical to Trump if he wants to keep his job (which, surely, he won’t) on November 3.


Michigan has a Democratic Governor, and her name is Gretchen Whitmer, and she did the right thing by imposing a stay at home order.


Trump visited a Ford plant in Ypsilanti, a plant which has been repurposed to make badly needed personal protective equipment.


Michigan’s Attorney General, Dana Nessel, warned Trump that he would be breaking state law if he refused to wear a face mask during the tour (


So the big question was: would he or wouldn’t he wear a mask?


You guessed it, AP fans. Of course not; he actually said he would not wear a mask in front of cameras because that would give the media pleasure.


Our newly minted associate solitary reporter, Brian Penworthy, a Michigan native, was on the scene, as burly associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman made it clear that were it not for the Secret Service agents, he would do what was needed to enforce state law.


In other news, Trump has, once again, defied the international community by pulling the US out of the Open Skies Arms Control Treaty. That’s the critical treaty which bears the name of associate solitary reporter Reggie Arms, also newly minted (


While Trump was having his fun in Ypsilanti, he told Michiganders that the only elected official in their state who bears reponsibility for the massive floods that have inundated Midland is its Democratic Governor; but Whitmer shot right back, saying that on November 3, Trump will experience such a flood of defeat and despair that he’ll never recover.