More on Trump and COVID-19, with participation from ASR Eddie Cook, a very prominent Denver megachurch pastor

As our Denver-based associate solitary reporter Eddie Cook (one of Donald Trump’s biggest fans) was watching Judy Woodruff’s evening news program on PBS yesterday, he was thoroughly intrigued by a panelist from the conservative American Enterprise Institute who explained very cogently why Donald Trump has been falling down on the job — in this case, specifically, COVID-19.


When Trump went to India on February 24, 2020, to tell far-right anti-Muslim Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he, Modi, is adored by his people, Cook was there.


Cook is an evangelical preacher in the Mile High City, and his megachurch is four times larger than mega-church Potters Field, in Aurora.


During the 1990s, your solitary reporter attended worship at Potters Field Denver, a megachurch, with Cook. The stage was full of jumbotrons and there was a lot of music, a big band, the whole deal, and the message being broadcast by the singing and everything else represented a view of Scripture which your solitary reporter found to be mistaken. There were some two thousand people in Bishop Dennis Leonard’s megachurch, but ASR Cook’s megachurch is ten times larger. 


As Trump was speaking at the Modi-Trump rally, Cook took Modi aside to tell him that while Hinduism has a few good qualities, Christian evangelicalism is far better.


The panelist might have been Jagdish Bhagwati, though, when ASR Cook texted us moments ago, he wasn’t sure if it was Bhagwati.


So we admonished Cook to pay closer attention to whomever Woodruff has as a guest on the News Hour.


Anyway, the very well-spoken American Enterprise panelist said that Trump’s messaging coming from his White House on COVID-19 is really, really poor because (1) Trump had no experience as a general or as an elected official before January 20, 2017 (2) Trump is an entertainer, and so when he gets in front of a camera, he entertains — though very poorly indeed, as even ASR Cook would admit.