Huge Fallout from Trump's Firing of Inspector General Steve Linick; Obama's Commencement Address to HBC Graduates

One of the better-known aspects of Donald Trump’s pathology is his paranoia. He doesn’t like people looking over his shoulder. As soon as he feels threatened, if it’s a person he can fire, he does it. Just like that.


As a real estate mogul accustomed to doing whatever he wants, he's never had any sense at all of how to run a government, let alone the federal government.


Yesterday evening, practically in the middle of the night, he fired his State Department’s Inspector General, Steve Linick, after it was widely reported that Linick (an Obama appointee) had begun investigating Mike Pompeo and his wife for making use of political appointees in the State Department to do personal errands (


He replaced Linick with a protege of — guess who? — former conservative radio show host Mike Pence.


As soon as he did that dirty deed, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones (who is perpetually twenty-five and just as glamorous as Hedy Lamarr ever was, and African American as well) confronted him and demanded to know whether he plans to resign over his well-documented bungling of the COVID-19 pandemic.


As he has done many, many times before, as extensively documented in the sitemap in this apocryphal newspaper, he screamed at her and tossed her out the window of his Oval Office, and, as soon as she landed, the ACLU was there ministering to her, accompanied by Chaplain Jim Bob Hobarto.


In other news, earlier today, President Obama gave a stirring virtual commencement address to graduates of historically black colleges. He didn’t mention Trump by name, but he didn’t have to. He told the graduates that they are role models, whether they want to be or not. He touched on the utter chaos which Trump has caused, and he noted that those in charge have no idea what they’re doing — which, of course, is the polar opposite of what took place during his Administration (


During his virtual speech, Obama was joined by ASR Jones and Michelle, the most beautiful woman in America, whom many Democratic Party activists would love to see as Uncle Joe Biden’s running mate, only Michelle won’t do it; Michelle Obama has, according to associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman, insisted, in her daily conversations with Joe and Jill Biden, that he choose Minnesota’s Senior Senator, Amy Klobuchar, and not just for her sense of humor.