See How Trump Treats a Persistent Chinese American Journalist; What's With Ted Yoho on Face Masks?

Anybody who has ever looked (reluctantly or otherwise) at Donald Trump during a Rose Garden press conference is fully aware that if a reporter puts him on the defensive, he attacks.


That’s what happened when CBS White House correpondent Weijia Jiang (born in China in 1983, moved to the US at the age of two, speaks English even better than associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman) asked Trump a question about COVID-19 that had nothing to do with China.


Irritated that the very articulate Jiang — who, unlike Trump, was wearing an appropriate face mask when she asked him her first

question — asked about the huge number of deaths that have occurred from COVID-19 during his watch — what does he do? He tells her to "Ask China," knowing full well that she is a young, articulate Chinese American journalist working for a network other than Fox News.


So we asked our Seoul-based associate solitary reporter, Ko Il-sun, to comment.


“SR,” he texted us, “he doesn’t like strong women talking back to him, and, as everybody knows, he’s not a man of color — and he’s not a man of honor, either.”


Elsewhere, we must mention that Congressman Ted Yoho (R-FL) (imagine having a name like that!) refuses to wear a face

mask — why? — he just doesn’t see the need for it (