Trump Will Soon Fire FBI Director Christopher Wray and Replace Him With Michael Flynn

As Americans are justifiably worried about how to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, the Justice Department, in an obvious attempt to please Donald Trump, is dropping its prosecution of Trump’s one-time National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn (


If you work for Trump, you have to be Completely Loyal to him, which is why he picked William Barr to lead the Justice Department. As many observers have pointed out, Trump treats Barr as though he were his personal attorney — and that’s why Flynn now gets a free pass, after Trump repeatedly said that Flynn never should have been prosecuted for lying about his secret contacts with Russia’s ambassador to Washington.


Speaking of Barr's troubled Justice Department, it seems that Christopher Wray, the man Trump picked to lead the FBI after the James Comey debacle, is not popular, either with top Congressional Republicans, or with Trump himself (


And, according to associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman, that means that Wray will be out the door before the end of the month.


Which is why speculation has immediately began as to whom Trump will pick to succeed Wray.


But associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones is not only with Trump 24/7, she has the uncanny ability to know everything that goes on in Trump’s inner circle, even when she’s not in the room.


Which is why she texted us early this morning to announce that Trump’s all set to tell Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that he must assure the immediate confirmatioin of Wray’s successor — Michael Flynn.