Open Up Your Apocryphal Newspaper to Learn How Trump Celebrated World Press Freedom Day

Yesterday was World Press Freedom Day, which must be why Donald Trump, seated at the Lincoln Memorial, whined about how badly the press treats him. He said that he’s being given a much harder path by the media than Lincoln got, and that the press might just as well be part of the Democratic Party, and that if he were nice to the White House reporters who question him, he’s be laughed off the stage (, (


In TrumpLand, grandiosity is always King.


Which is why Trump's most noticeable sycophant, bigtime loudmouth Kellyanne Conway, just told associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones that Mitch McConnell and RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel should prepare for the coronation of King Donald I.


The anti-vaxxing protesters are even more in the public eye these days than before the coronavirus pandemic. They’ve linked arms with the angry angry protesters in Michigan, Texas, California, and Colorado, among other states, who want the US to reopen for business two weeks ago, thus threatening our Nation with an even greater calamity than the one we’re in now (


The anti-vaxxers are part of the There Is No Science Movement, which counts Trump among its most prominent adherents.