Face Masks in Denver; Kushner Orders Court-Martial for Navy Captain Brett Crozier

Much of the time, we here at AP have a very, very difficult time figuring out what to report on, as there is so much material for a Democratic apocryphal newspaper to focus on.


For example, Donald Trump’s White House refuses to allow Dr. Anthony Fauci — an employee in the Executive  Branch — to testify before the House of Representatives, but he can testify before the Senate.


Any possibility that partisan politics played a role in that?


So let’s just start out with what’s going on in Denver.


And, as always, we start with stuff that actually happened, and then we spin it out.


Yesterday, associate solitary reporter Lewis Thompson III listened intently to Colorado Gov. Jared Polis’ remotely held press conference.


Polis, formerly a five-term Congressman from Boulder, is slowly easing restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


As a result of Gov. Polis' order, outside Denver, some restaurants and other businesses are allowed to reopen, provided that strict physical distancing is being observed.


But Denver’s a big city, so Democrat Michael Hancock, Mayor of the Mile High City, yesterday ordered that everybody in Denver wear a face mask in public.


When associate solitary reporter Chris Holdsworth takes his daily bike ride through Denver’s City Park, he always, without exception, wears a colorful handmade face mask.


But from your solitary reporter’s home, on an avenue in the bustling Park Hill neighborhood, he constantly sees entire caravans of pedestrians, bike riders, dog walkers, everybody, without face masks.


Which is why ASR Thompson waved to Mayor Hancock early this morning outside the Mayor’s home in the suburban Denver neighborhood of Green Valley Ranch, giving him two big high fives.


In other news, Donald Trump’s Son-in-Law-in-Chief, Jared Kushner, told associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones that he has ordered Acting Navy Secretary James McPherson to initiate court martial proceedings against Captain Brett Crozier, who was relieved of his command of

the U S S Theodore Roosevelt after Crozier made public the fact that numerous members of his crew had COVID-19. Crozier was relieved of his command on April 2.


Speaking exclusively to ASR Jones, Kushner said, “Anybody, especially the Captain of a vessel as important as the U S Theodore Roosevelt, who makes my father-in-law look bad, must be immediately court-martialed and put in a military prison cell for the rest of his life."