Trump's Top Senate Allies Are Really Leery About His Constant Attacks on Inspectors General, Which Is Why Biden Will Be Our Next President


Your solitary reporter did not grow up in Green Bay, but he has been aware for many years that the Green Bay Packers is the best NFL team.


Better by far than the Denver Broncos.


Partly because of Aaron Rodgers.


And Brett Favre from Kiln, Mississippi. Favre never pronounced his name the way a French person would, but he was a great quarterback.


And Bart Starr.


Donald Trump knows nothing about science, as we have previously reported (


He wants to be able to place his very large behind in the Peoples’ Oval Office next year. That way, beginning on January 21, he would be able to exit the Peoples’ White House on the spur of the moment, greet a gaggle of reporters, with several of his helicopters making lotsa noise behind him, and go to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, so he could go on Air Force One to his very exclusive resorts in Bedminster or Scotland or Mar-a-Lago, and conduct the Nation’s Business from unsecure phone lines, with First Daughter Ivanka and Son-in-Law-in-Chief Jared, and an entire retinue of people, possibly even including members of the Department of State.


To accomplish the job of staying in the White House after January 20, he wants to “Reopen America,” even though he’s consistently Made America Worse.


And to do that, he’s gotta get people — especially the people who elected him — back to work.


That will be a tough sell.


He insists that meat packing plants be re-opened immediately, despite the coronavirus which Trump & Company were way, way too slow in dealing with.


Northeasern Wisconsin, home of the Packers, has meat packing

plants — hence their name — in fact, quite a few of them, and one of them’s in Green Bay.


Trump has ordered meatpacking plants to reopen, but the UNION which represents employees at meatpacking plants is, sensibly of course, putting safety ahead of endangering employees in the workplace (


Your solitary reporter at one time represented OSHA, but he’s never been in a meatpacking plant except on one occasion in Northeast Wisconsin in 1971, as a tourist.


Not a pretty sight. 


Greta Thunberg and other climate activists realize that the raising of beef cattle, as well as hogs, is bad for the planet.


Which is why associate solitary reporter Sylvia Kenwood routinely prepares an exquisite meatloaf made only from plant-based “meat.”


Trump continues to lie because he’s so good at it ( Not a day goes by when he doesn’t. Because of Trump, there are no more facts, just Trumpian lies.


Octogenarian Iowa Congressman Chuck Grassley and Oklahoma GOP senator James Lankford have sounded the alarm about Trump’s constant lambasting of Inspectors General, ‘cause Trump thinks he’s The Only Game in Town ( — which is why Joe Biden’s gonna be our next president.


Interestingly enough, Justin Amash, a hard hard rightwing Congressman from Michigan who’s now an Independent, and who has quit running for re-election because the GOPs are seriously out to get him because of his opposition to Trump, has told several people (maybe even including fella Michigander Betsy DeVos, Trump’s hard right Secretary of Education) that he’s going to seek the nomination of the Libertarian Party for President.


Amash’s father is a Palestinian Christian (there are many of those in and around Bibi Netanyahu’s Jerusalem) and his mother is a Syrian Christian (yes, there are some, though very few these days; they’ve probably all long since left Syria).


Amash was the first Republican Member of the U S House of Representatives to call for Trump’s impeachment. For that reason, RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel and Moscow Mitch McConnell are really out to get him.


Which is why Amash will surely be nominated in May by the Libertarians.


So we sent associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman to vet both Amash and his fellow Libertarians on Best Practices for persuading at least three quarters of Trump’s Base to vote for Amash in November.