Trump's Total Ignorance of Science and Knowledge, and What Everyone Should Know About Georgia's Governor

Donald Trump probably never studied Latin. 


That’s because there have been only a few things in his life in which he has been interested.


They are:






Sex with women other than the one he was married to at the moment. Ask Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels, and The National Enquirer’s David Pecker. You might also ask Vladimir Putin.


Trump knows virtually nothing about science, and he is very poor at taking advice, because anyone who offers him advice has to flatter him, or be part of his family, such as Son-in-Law-in-Chief Jared Kushner, or First Daughter Ivanka.


If he had studied Latin, he would surely know that Scientia means knowledge.


He knows what he wants, and associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, who is with him 24/7, knows what’s he’s obsessed about, and he knows what he’s interested in.


These days, the only things he’s really interested in are duping his base into a second opportunity to sit in the Oval Office, and, even more importantly, he desperately needs to hold rallies where he receives adulation from his base — ‘cause he’s had to sit in the White House Complex for six weeks now, with only very limited excursions outside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Because of the pandemic.


He has to be in Total Command all the time, and, because he is extremely thin-skinned, he, our Bully-in-Chief, mistakenly thinks he should override his health professionals when dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.


Meanwhile, Georgia’s Republican governor, Brian Kemp, says he’ll reopen the Peachtree State tomorrow. At first, Trump said that was great, but now, he says Kemp may be premature in doing so (bearing in mind that The Donald is very immature).


So we sent associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman to Atlanta to vex Kemp as to why he’s endangering thousands and thousands of residents.


“You silly girl!” Kemp yelled, from across the room, “I’m only doing that to please Mr. Trump, and because my heart is set on running for president against Pence after Mr. Trump completes his third or fourth term!!"


Yesterday was the Fiftieth Anniversary of Earth Day.


This was very displeasing to Trump, as he has no interest in protecting our earth’s environment unless he can use open space for a luxury resort.


In the midst of the global pandemic that he can’t deal with, no doubt his top xenophobic adviser, Stephen Miller, is very pleased that Trump has issued an Edict lifting up his anti-immigration stance (, and Trump’s getting away with it because of COVID-19)


In the Trump Era, there are very few facts — ask Kellyanne Conway — only Alternative Facts.