What Happens When A Good Democratic Governor Meets Mike Pence in Colorado Springs?

In yesterday’s Denver Post, a photograph appeared of Colorado’s Governor, Democrat Jared Polis, greeting Donald Trump’s Number Two,  in Colorado Springs.


That’s because Mike Pence was about to deliver the annual commencement address at the Air Force Academy, to a group of appropriately physically distanced graduating cadets. As in eight feet of separation.


Pence told the happy AFA grads that America is stronger because they are about to defend our nation.


He also told the cadets that America’s being tested, but he forgot to say that Trump has said, not so long ago, that everybody in America could easily be tested for COVID-19, even though everyone knows that there are nowhere near enough test kits because of Trump’s slow slow response to the pandemic.


But what struck us here at AP the most about the photograph was that one of them was wearing a face mask, while the other one wasn’t.


Anybody like to guess which of the two was observing CDC Guidelines?


If you thought it was Pence, the number two in the Executive, with considerable influence over the CDC, you’d be wrong.