Why Trump's CDC Director Delayed Test Kit Rollout; Xi Gets It Right on Trump's Lies; Biden Sure to Win in November

Donald Trump pays Virologist Robert Redfield Jr. $375,000 a year.


Redfield is the Director of Trump’s Center for Disease Control.


Since March 26, 2018, Redfield has been runnnig the CDC.


In his inaugural address to his agency, he said, “[We are] science-based and data-driven, and that’s why CDC has the credibility around the world that it has.”


Is that what Redfield really thinks?


His nomination by Trump was highly controversial, and was opposed by the Center for Science in the Public Interest because he did not have experience running a public health agency, and because of his religious advocacy.


Redfield wrote the foreword to a book called Christians in the Age of AIDS, a book which described AIDS as “God’s judgment” against homosexuals (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_R._Redfield).


Given Redfield’s conspicuouly mistaken views on Christian teachings, then, it’s clear that under his leadership, Redfield’s CDC failed to do the right thing on how to bring COVID-19 test kits to the American public.


Rather than making desperately needed coronavirus test kits in its own manufacturing facilities, Redfield’s CDC made them in its labs, instead.


Bad idea!


The CDC was quite, quite late in its rollout of the test kits (https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/18/politics/cdc-coronavirus-testing-contamination/index.html).


Trump’s close personal conspiracy theorist friends, as well as his campaign machine, are blaming China for the pandemic, to deflect blame away from Trump and onto Xi Jinping.


Our Seoul-based associate solitary reporter, Ko Il-sun, was with Xi early this morning.


“Mr. Ko,” Xi began, “it is absolutely not true that my scientists developed the virus in my labs to invade the US and Taiwan.”


“But what IS true is that Trump’s tactic of blaming others — in my case, me — for his own mistakes, is bound to backfire.” See https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/18/politics/fact-check-coronavirus-briefing-april-18/index.html


Ko nodded in agreement.


Associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman was with Joe Biden in Wilmington as Ko was reporting on Xi’s pungent comments.


“Keith,” Biden said, “I’ve always known that Xi is perceptive about Trump’s mendacity, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Stacey Abrams is my pick for VP — but, having said that, if Stacey were to become my Vice President, she’d be really good at persuading Xi to acknowledge that, yes, mistakes were made in Wuhan that should not have been made.”


Then, ASR Coleman texted associate solitary reporter Larry Theis and associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman to report that Biden is certain to carry Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Georgia, and Texas in November, thus flipping all Trump’s 2016 victories, especially in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.


Sherman then pointed out that Trump’s tweets to pro-Trump protesters in Minnesota, Michigan, and Virginia, telling them to “liberate” their states, risks civil war; and then, associate solitary reporter Eddie Cook, the Chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, and a prominent evangelical clergydude, responded by saying that when Trump incites a second Civil War, it will simply be the fulfiment of all the apocalyptic prophesies in the Book of Revelation.