Know What's the Most Important Thing About the Desperately Needed Checks Being Mailed Out Now?

Donald Trump failed to file his tax return yesterday, after having taxed our country into perpetual debt to China, for the benefit of the One Percenters.


He now has ’til July 15.


At least his very private company, and he and Melania, are required to file.


But surely, he will not release his tax returns.


Now that he’s signed a Two Trillion Dollar Stimulus bill, with a very unsmooth rollout, the most important aspect of the payments being mailed to those without direct deposit arrangements at their banks, for him, is that before the recipients deposit or cash their desperately needed checks, they are required to note that Trump’s Name is in the Memo line (


Which, as Nancy Pelosi said today from her home office in San Francisco, is shameful.


She’s right. Trump refuses to talk to Nancy because she did her Constitutional duty by encouraging her Conference to do its Constitutional duty, only Moscow Mitch McConnell had other ideas.


Trump’s been talking about adjourning Congress unless he gets his way with the McConnell/Federalist Society Project of reversing all the Good that the Warren Court and the Warren Burger Court have done.


He doesn’t care what his base thinks, ‘cause he knows that whatever lies he and Kellyanne Conway tell, they’ll vote for him.


He’s been saying nasty things about “The Woman in Michigan,” Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, because she’s enforcing a very necessary statewide Stay at Home order, and in her office in Lansing, she is besieged by thousands of cars honking in protest against the fact that she’s Doing the Right Thing. Including folks who run garden shops who want Michigan to re-open for business right away.


Because Trump barely won Michigan in 2016, he’s fully engaged in trashing Whitmer. Why? Because she’s on Joe Biden’s short list to succeed Mike Pence.