Trump to Avoid NYC Today Because of Mass Burials; ASR Kenwood Predicts Total Trump Wipeout in November

Hart Island is where mass burials are taking place in Gotham in the Era of COVID-19 (


Donald Trump has a few Catholic friends, though that number is rapidly diminishing.


Tomorrow’s Easter, and Pope Francis (best Pope in this solitary reporter’s recent memory) had the good sense to celebrate mass yesterday without the faithful nearby.


But in Texas, a few misguided evangelical pastors insisted on holding traditional worship in their megachurches (that’s how they get paid well), thereby endangering everyone in their churches (


Trump used to have massive rallies, consisting, to a great extent, of angry white evangelicals.


But Trump won’t be attending mass anytime soon.


That’s partly because massively wealthy George Soros is pouring lotsa money into Democratic causes (


Associate solitary reporter Sheila Kenwood is one of our best political prognosticators.


We just spoke with her via Zoom, and she predicted that the only state Trump will win over Biden in November will be — oops, we forgot: won’t be any.


And surely not the District of Columbia.