As Bernie Drops Out, the Times' Greg Weiner Calls Out Trump for His Unparelled Narcissism

We here at AP and all across America have always known that deep in his heart, Bernie Sanders, the Independent Senator from Vermont, would do the right thing.


Bernie and Joe have always liked each other, and that’s a good place to start.


By suspending his presidential campaign today, Bernie has paved the way for Joe Biden to secure the Democratic nomination so he can massively defeat Donald Trump in November.


All this has created great distress for Trump’s campaign, because Trump was counting on Sanders to be the nominee so he could blast Bernie for being a socialist.


But now, Trump’s campaign team will have to ramp up its totally irresponsible attacks on the former Vice President, which, of course, is what put Trump on trial in the Senate, where he should have been convicted and removed from office, only Mitch McConnell had other ideas.


We can’t let you go without giving a huge shoutout to the Times’ Greg Weiner for showing us, once again, the danger of Trump’s outsized narcissism, “the stuff of Greek myth …interpreting all these [Coronavirus] events through himself” at his daily press briefings (


That’s a clear and present danger.


Associate solitary reporters Susanna Sherman and Keith Coleman have already begun preparations for the Inauguration, on January 20, of President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, whom we dragooned years ago to cover Trump 24/7, is consoling herself because she knows that she’ll be relegated to covering Trump from his self-isolation at Mar-a-Lago, as soon as he leaves the White House.