Trump's Press Secretary Leaves Office Without Ever Having Held a Press Briefing; US Theodore Roosevelt Ordered to Scotland to Protect Trump's Golf Courses

Donald Trump craves adulation, but he will only talk to Fox News. He despises all other reporters, especially PBS News Hour’s Yamiche Alcindor.


His Press Secretary, Stephanie Grisham, is leaving her position without ever having held even one press conference (


Grisham will return to her former position as chief of staff for Trophy Wife Number Three.


Trump doesn’t like to send nominees for high positions in his so-called administration to the Senate for confirmation.


His Acting Secretary of the Navy, Thomas Mobly, was forced to apologize for negative remarks he made about Captain Brett Crozier, who had the courage to let it be known that many of the sailors aboard the U S Theodore Roosevelt were seriously ill because of the COVID-19 virus (


Associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman just texted us to say that Defense Secretary Mark Esper ordered the U S Theodore Roosevelt to Scotland to protect several of Trump’s golf courses there.