COVID-19 At Prestigious Hospitals in Boston, Including Beth Israel Deaconess, Also Known As The House of God

In 1978, Samuel Shem published a novel, The House of God: Life and Death in An American Hospital.


Since then, more than two million copies have been sold, and, at one time, it was required reading in medical schools.


Samuel Shem is a pseudonym for Dr. Stephen Bergman, an American psychiatrist, who based The House of God and Mount Misery, both fictional but close-to-real first-hand descriptions of the training of physicians in the United States.


Bergman based his novels on his experiences as a medical resident at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.


Your solitary reporter has read The House of God, and he routinely asks physicians whom he meets whether they have read it.


Now that Donald Trump has flunked Epidemiology 101, fact-based reporting has disclosed that several prominent and prestigious hospitals in Boston, including Beth Israel Deaconess, have employees who have COVID-19 (


So we sent associate solitary Anthony Kenniston and associate solitary reporter Dan McCandless to meet with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the man whose job includes correcting Trump on his numerous misstatements about the coronavirus pandemic.


Dr. Fauci told them that he is aware of what’s happening at Beth Israel Deaconess and Massachusetts General Hospital, and that he will privately urge Trump to quit yelling about the Boston Tea Party, and focus instead on getting real, as opposed to hypothetical, help, to both hospitals.