Here's What Our Germaphobe-in-Chief Did Today in the People's Rose Garden

Donald Trump has small hands, and he doesn’t like germs.


Today, once again, he berated PBS NewHour’s topnotch White House Correspondent, Yamiche Alcindor.


He’s real big on nastiness.


That’s what comes from being born rich in Queens with a gold spoon in his mouth.


He’s on record as telling former Indiana conservative talk show host Mike Pence that unless Governors are nice to him, they shouldn’t get any help from Los Federales in combatting the Coronavirus Pandemic (which he’s blamed on Xi Jingpin).


Associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman was at Alcindor’s side, and, though he has no credentials such as Alcindor has, he piped up and asked Trump, right there in front of God and everybody in the Rose Garden, when he’ll wise up and be nice to the Empire State’s Governor, Andrew Cuomo, a really good Democrat whose father, Mario Cuomo, almost ran for President.


‘Cause New York City has way too many COVID-19 cases, and nowhere near enough supplies to treat them.


That’s when Trump unleashed a torrent of invective even more extreme than what he had just treated Alcindor to.


“Go back to Anacostia where you belong!” he yelled, as the Secret Service manhandled Coleman and took him to the District of Columbia jail.