Guess What? When He Signed Yesterday's Two Trillion Dollar Stimulus Bill, Trump Wouldn't Let Any Dems Stand With Him

The only thing that stimulates Donald Trump is when people tell him they love him.
Even though he is noticeably unlovable.
As far as that goes, neither Stormy Daniels nor Karen McDougal, who had a ten-month affair with Trump, ever loved him. Ask The National Inquirer’s David Pecker.
President Obama signed a critically needed Stimulus Bill in February, 2009, and your solitary reporter watched as he arrived at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science on a very cold day. That’s where President Obama signed the bill.
And on that occasion, President Obama welcomed a worthy Democratic entrepreneur who is in the solar panel business.
Donald Trump thinks climate change is a hoax, and so does octogenarian senator Jim Imhofe (R-Oklahoma).
Inhofe represents the Earthquake State, and he’s probably never seen a solar panel, even though there’s lots of sun there.
Yesterday, Trump signed a big big Stimulus Bill, only his close personal friend, Senate Bossman Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) wouldn’t think of calling it a stimulus bill, which is exactly what it is.
That’s because as soon as President Obama was elected, McConnell immediately set in motion his Plan to make President Obama a one term president.
That didn’t work out very well for McConnell & Co.
So yesterday, when Trump signed the Two Trillion Dollar Stimulus Bill — which was negotiated between Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and McConnell and Trump’s rich rich Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin — were there any Democrats standing behind Trump for the bill signing photo-op? 
Of course, part of the reason for that is that Trump won’t speak with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
Not only that, Trump’s lackeys were standing shoulder to
shoulder — a really bad idea, given the COVID-19 pandemic.
When associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones — who is with Trump a lot more than he is with Trophy Wife No. 3 — curtseyed and politely asked Trump’s Throng to practice Physical Distancing, Trump picked her up bodily and threw her out the window.
In other news, Trump wants to quarantine New York City and adjacent areas of New Jersey.
The Empire State’s Governor, Democrat Andrew Cuomo, is the Governor best situated to deal with the COVID-19 Crisis.
Trump, who knows almost nothing about government, is the least qualified person in the US to deal with the crisis.
Not only that, Trump — who only wants happy happy news to be received by his base —  is foisting an untried malaria vaccine on his health care professionals (
That’s why, moments ago, associate solitary reporter Linda Hatfield, 40, Colorado’s best neurologist, teleported herself to the District of Columbia and pounded on all the gates until she forced her way in to the White House to tell Trump exactly what she thinks of him.
Then, Trump, a 238 pound unattractive 73-year old narcissist, tossed Dr. Hatfield out the window, where she had a very pleasant chat with associate solitary reporter Jones, 25.
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