North Carolina's Senator Burr Screwed Up Bigtime on Magnitude of Novel Coronavirus Threat

Way back in the day — as in 2019 — Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-North Carolina) and Ranking Member Mark Warner (D-Virginia) got along quite well as the Senate Intel Committee held hearings on how much damage to our nation was done by Vladimir Putin in collusion with Donald Trump in 2015 and 2016.


Then, just yesterday, NPR reporter Tim Mak found himself in possession of a recording secretly made at a top secret, private luncheon at which Burr told some 100 wealthy Tarheel Republicans that the coronavirus threat is much, much more serious than what he was saying to the public (


This news made RNC Chairlady Ronna Romney McDaniel very unhappy, which is why we sent our top-flight associate solitary reporter, Keith Coleman, to talk with McDaniel in the secrecy of her office.


“Keith,” McDaniel began, “I know perfeclty well that you and your friend the solitary reporter are no slouches when it comes to understanding how very nasty we Repuplicans can be.”


Coleman nodded in vigorous agreement.


“But Burr’s done something real, real stupid, so I have just told Denver Republican Party Chairman Eddie Cook to go straight to Burr to set him to Rights.”


“Eddie is Denver’s most telegenic evangelical pastor, and Burr’s a Methodist who is famous on Capitol Hill for being extremely averse to talking to reporters, but since Eddie’s a fellow Christian (and not a Mormon like my Uncle Mitt), they should be able to get along just fine, even though Methodists don’t care much at all for televangelists.”


ASR Cook just texted us and said that Burr wants to grovel before McDaniel and beg for forgiveness.