Buttigieg, a True Patriot, Withdraws, Along with Steyer; Update on Klobuchar

So now it’s Uncle Joe vs. Hyper-Ideological, Cranky Bernie vs. Mayor Mike vs. Elizabeth vs. Amy.


Boyish Mayor Pete, 38, is a realist as well as a patriot. We love it that he met with former President Jimmy Carter in Georgia just the other day.


Yesterday, in South Bend, he dropped out of the race to defeat Donald Trump (https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/01/politics/buttigieg-campaign/index.html).


Trump evaded military service, but Buttigieg embraced it. Which of the two is the real patriot? (https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/01/buttigieg-dropping-out-of-presidential-race-118489).


Uncle Joe’s hoping for a big big win in our largest state. Let’s hope that works out for him.


We don’t know where Mayor Mike is now, but no doubt he’s flying all over the Super Tuesday states.


Hopefully, he doesn’t suffer from any cardiac ailments.


Our presidential candidate, Amy Klobuchar, will be here in Denver today after being forced to cancel a rally in Minnesota yesterday because she was a prosecutor ((https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/01/amy-klobuchar-rally-canceled-protests-118571). We anticipate that on Wednesday she’ll withdraw from the presidential race. We have her in mind as running mate for Biden or Bloomberg, but not with Bernie, or as Attorney General. Newly minted associate solitary reporter Floyd B. Olson is on permanent assignment to follow everything Minnesota in politics, including what Al Franken is up to these days.


The withdrawal of climate change activist and reparations proponent Tom Steyer from the presidential race is something we greet with some regret, but unfortunately, he’d never been elected to any public office before. Hopefully he can donate more of his millions to help both the top of the Democratic ticket as well as the all-important down-ballot races, all of which are in grave peril if Bernie gets the nomination.