Harvey Weinstein's Tigress Lawyer, Donna Rotunno, Says She's on Trump's Short SCOTUS List


Serial sexual predator Harvey Weinstein got himself convicted yesterday of rape and sexual assault, just as his lawyers and other members of his Entourage told him he’d done nothing wrong.


His tigress atttack lawyer, Donna Rotunno, blamed his victims. She’s forty, and single, and she’s totally opposed to #MeToo, otherwise known as The Weinstein Effect.


Rotunno’s pricey fees include her frequent TV appearances. She’s publicly stated that women who become victims of sexual assault have, essentially, asked for it; she says she’s never been the subject of a sexual assault because she has never put herself in that situation.


Her tactics caused powerful Harvey to be convicted, and he was on his way to New York’s notorious Rikers Island jail, but he said he had chest pains after the jury convicted him, so he’s at Bellevue.


Associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman has been covering the trial. He spoke with Rotunno on the sidewalk outside the Manhattan courthouse after she criticized District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr for going after “my teddy bear client.”


She didn’t want to talk to Coleman, but ASR Coleman is one of our best.


“Keith, you can tell the Solitary Reporter and your mutual boss, Tom Perez, to go back to law school, because I just spoke with Leonard Leo at the Federalist Society, and Leo told me he’s put me at the top of Trump’s SCOTUS list as soon as Ruth Bader Ginsburg is forced out.”


So Coleman checked with his colleague, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones, who spends much more time with Donald Trump than Trophy Wife Number Three does.


Jones, who, as a former Miss Universe, has successfully kept Trump from pawing her, corroborated what Rotunno said.


“Donald told me that he wants a woman on the Court who’s almost as tough as he is.”


Coleman was politely walking away from The Rotunno when she leapt up after him and kicked him in the cojones, but associate solitary reporter Susanna Sherman was with him, and she used her best karate move.


Rotunno was down, and out for the count.


She is now at Bellevue, but nowhere near her client.


Tomorrow, we’ll report in full on yesterday’s debate in the Palmetto State.