Bernie's the 2020 Teflon Presidential Candidate; Why a Bloomberg-Klobuchar Ticket Will Swamp Trump-Pence

Years ago, your solitary reporter was a devoted supporter of Patricia Scott, whose extremely lucky husband is Jim Schroeder, and Jim’s wife got herself elected to Congress in 1972, as a Democrat, representing the Mile HIgh City.


Although Wikipedia forgot to mention it, Pat Scott was, at one time, a Hearing Officer for the Colorado State Personnel Board; and when your solitary reporter held that same unexalted position, in 1983, he found, in the leather-bound Archives of the Colorado State Personnel Board, a decision written by Pat Schroeder — at which point he swooned, tempted to extract her decision from the Personnel Board’s files, and frame it on the wall of his home office.


Pat Schroeder, a 1964 graduate of Harvard Law School when women were not welcome there, connected beautifully with her Denver constituents on a visceral level. She ran for president in 1987 after Senator Gary Hart withdrew from the race, and it’s too bad she suspended her candidacy before 1988. 


When RR — Ronald Reagan — ran for president against Democrat Jimmy Carter in 1980, it was Congresswoman Pat Schroeder who noticed that nothing negative stuck to the handsome former B-movie actor, who had been governor of the largest of the Lower Forty-Eight states.


So Pat dubbed Reagon the Teflon President.


Now, it seems clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that Russia’s Dictator-in-Chief, Vladimir Putin, is doing his utmost to re-elect his close personal friend, Donald Trump (


How’s Vlad the Impaler doing that?


His Disinformation boys and gals are promoting the candidacy of one Bernie Sanders, the Independent Senator from quixotic Vermont. Bernie spent his 1988 honeymoon in Russia.


And now, during the presidential debates on the Dem side, seems like Bernie’s the Teflon Candidate, ‘cause whenver he’s attacked, nothing seems to stick.


Seems like Bernie’s gonna win the Silver State’s Caucus today, ‘cause he’s been campaigning in delegate-rich California, not Nevada.


Why would Putin be all-in for Bernie, because there’s not the shadow of a doubt that when and if  Bernie wins the nomination of the Democratic Party, he would be more than likely to defeat our Liar-in-Chief by at least twenty points?


So we dispatched our Moscow-based correspondent, Russian-American Foma Kheroshonky, to Putin’s Kremlin, to which he always has free access.


“So Vlad, what’s going on?”


“Foma, quit asking me stupid questions.”


“It costs me billions of rubles to make my nukes, and to finance my conquest of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, but Disinformation is now the game of the game. Didn’t you know that?”


As soon as he could, Kheroshonsky slipped out of the Kremlin, largely undetected, and immediately texted his employer, DNC Chair Tom Perez.


Associate solitary reporter and Denver’s Pastor-in-Chief, Eddie Cook, a fervent Trump voter, has been all over Denver in the last few days, asking Democrats whom they consider to be the Best Team to beat Trump in November.


Just the other day, we reported on Amy Klobuchar’s stellar rally in nearby Aurora:


Cook just texted us so say that even though Little Mike Bloomberg was deer-in-the headlights at the Las Vegas debate, the ticket of Bloomberg for President and Klobuchar for Vice President will crush Trump-Pence “probably by forty points."