Klobuchar Celebrates Her Strong Finish in New Hampshire Atop Iconic Mount Chocorua; Trump Pardons Stone, Manafort, and Flynn

February 12, 2020


Bernie Sanders is very popular in New Hampshire, and much of that is because he represents Vermont, which, when you look at a map, is immediately to the Left of New Hampshire.


Bernie’s by far the Leftiest of the seven who showed up at the February 7 debate in New Hampshire.


And if he somehow manages to secure the nomination which eluded him four years ago, the Republican candidate — you know, the guy whose chief lackey is Mike Pence —  is likely to whip him real good.


On Friday, February 7, while beleaguered Iowa Democrats were still trying to clean up the mess they caused in the Hawkeye State, seven presidential candidates held a debate in New Hampshire ahead of the Granite State’s First in the Nation Presidential Primary.


On of them is not a Democrat; he’s an Independent, and his

name is — you guessed it — Bernie — and the inclusive Dems are letting him run in their primary, just as they did in 2016.


That Friday, before yesterday’s First in the Nation Presidential Primary in the Granite State, megabilionaire Mike Bloomberg was not on the debate stage because he has a different idea in mind; rather than campaign in Iowa, which is mostly white, and New Hampshire, which is mostly white, or  Nevada or South Carolina, he’s waiting for Super Tuesday — March 3.


And, in the meantime, Bloomberg’s outspending all the others, saturating the airwaves and clogging everybody’s mailboxes, much to the benefit of the USPS.


We diligently reported on Friday's debate, via MailChimp: “Why Amy Klobuchar Should Win the Silly ‘First in the Nation’ Presidential Primary.”


There, we told our vast subscriber base that the debate did not take place at St. Anselm College, in Manchester, but, rather, in ABC’s studios in Center Pequawket, in Northern New Hampshire, which is a mile north of your solitary reporter’s summer home, Stonybrook Manor, which sits in splendor at the foot of iconic Mount Chocorua.


Our IT Department never quite managed to get that one into our blogsite, so here’s our take on what happened yesterday:  https://www.apocryphalpress.com/2020/02/12/seven-presidential-candidates-debate-in-new-hampshire-and-then-what/.


But we redacted that one to tell you that as soon as feisty, smart, energetic Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar won the debate, she immediately repaired to Stonybrook Manor, where your solitary reporter served her and her lucky husband, John Bessler, and their daugher, Abigail, a lavish dinner, followed by an all-night conversation devoted to Klobuchar’s strategy for winning in November.


Bright and early on Saturday, the trio had a sumptuous breakfast, and then headed directly to the summit of Mount Chocorua, a moderate four-mile hike, with a significant challenge at the summit — and Klobuchar is nothing if not a Sensible Moderate in the presidential race.


Meanwhile, after Donald Trump once again eviscerated his own Justice Department by calling for, essentially, no sentence for his close personal friend, convicted felon Roger Stone, associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones has just texted us with news that Trump has pardoned Stone, Paul Manaford, and Michael Flynn.