Trump's Version of Fairness to Vindman and Sondland Is Fully Explained; Antarctica for Trump?; The Saga of Lev and Rudy

Donald Trump only hires people who will bend to his will, to the utmost.


If they don’t, they’re toast.


That means they have to lie and cheat so he will seem to be

unscathed — falling on their swords, just for him.


He routinely fires people who have crossed him, especially when they’ve done the right thing by telling the truth.


Best example in the last two days: Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was escorted out of his National Security Office after all Republican senators except Sen. Mitt Romney let the Leader of Their Party off the hook on Wednesday.


At the same time, Trump fired his Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland — the guy who mega-donated to Trump’s event on January 20, 2017. That’s Gratitude, right?


Some GOP senators tried to persuade Trump not to fire Sondland, but, rather, to let him leave under his own terms, since he had already said he would leave after the Impeachment Trial (


To no avail.


Col. Vindman and Sondland both testified truthfully about how Trump tried to bribe vulnerable Ukrainian President Voloymyr Zelensky not only on July 25, 2019, but before and after. See


One Trump aide said the firings were necessary “to flush out the pipes” (


Associate solitary reporter Johanna Jones interpreted that for us, saying that the Truth had been flushed down the pipes along with Vindman and Sondland.


ASR Jones also said there is a plot underway by The Whistleblower and Anonymous to persuade Trump to forego his Florida residency in favor of the Antarctic, which is experiencing its hottest temperatures ever 

(, but Melania won’t hear of any of that.


In other news, Rudy Giuliani’s Ukrainian go-to guy, Lev Parnas, has lots of images of himself and Rudy, especially photos that make Rudy look even more ridiculous than usual, as in showing Rudy relishing being a matador, because he thnkgs, wrongly, that he really knows how to throw the bull against Democrats (


Our Chief International Correspondent, associate soitary reporter Larry Theis, explained that all the matadors in Spain have tweeted that they don’t want Rudy anywhere near their bulls.