Why Amy Klobuchar Should Win the First in the Nation Presidential Primary

Seven good Democrats debated each other in the Granite State (also inappropriately known as the “Live Free or Die” State) this evening.


As only associate solitary reporters Priscilla Janeway, Dan Manwell, Franklin Derby, and Sally Woodworth know, the debate did not take place at St. Anselm College, a Benedictine College in Goffstown, near New Hampshire’s largest city — instead, it took place in ABC’s studios in Center Pequawket.


California is our third-largest state, geographically, and 39,747,267 people live there.


New Hampshire is a very small state, with only two Members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Some one million six hundred thousand souls live there.


Center Pequawket is where the Battle of Pequawket occured in 1725 in Carroll County, just below iconic Mount Chocorua — when George II was King of England.


ASRs Janeway and Manwell were right there in ABC’s studio in Center Pequawket, seated in the front row, and keenly observing the debate. Associate solitary reporter Franklin Derby, also a proud New Hampshire voter, was seated next to them, as well; and right next to Derby sat associate solitary reporter Sally Woodworth, a very sensible voter living in Tamworth, Carroll County, New Hampshire.


Minnesota’s senior Senator, Amy Klobuchar, the grandaughter of a miner in cold Minnesota’s Iron Range, was the most sensible person on the stage, and she also showed that she has a good sense of humor.


78-year old Bernie Sanders said he used to be the only Congressman from Vermont, and that Vermont is south of Quebec; but he didn’t say if he speaks French.


Joe Biden, 76, said he did a good job as President Obama’s

Number Two — and he sure is right about that.


Elizabeth Warren said she’s from Oklahoma and that she started her career as a special education teacher, in 1970. But she didn’t talk about being a Professor at Harvard Law School, and elsewhere.


Pete Buttigieg, looking far younger than his 38 years, said he did a good job as Mayor of an important city in Indiana (the same state Mike Pence is from).


Schenectady-born Andrew Yang showed everybody that he’s very smart.


Tom Steyer said he’s from California and that he wants to repair as much of the damage that Donald Trump has done to the world and to our exceptional country, as possible.


As soon as the debate was concluded, Klobuchar repaired for the night in Stonybrook Manor, immediately south of Center Pequawket, preparing to hike up Mount Chocorua tomorrow.


From the summit of Mount Chocorua, if the day is clear, Senator Klobuchar will easily be able to look into Maine, represented by Maine’s senior senator, Susan Collins, who had the bad judgment to acquit Donald Trump in the United States Senate.


Then ASRs Janeway, Manwell, Derby, and Woodworth texted DNC Chair Tom Perez (you know, the guy who may well be, right now, in Des Moines) to tell him that Senator Klobuchar should win the First in the Nation Presidential Primary, on Tuesday.