In the Aftermath of Today's Prayer Service, Pelosi Ordains Her New House Chaplain

Donald Trump spoke at a Prayer Breakfast today. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was there, but she did not rip up the program.


A devout and conscientious Catholic, the Speaker prays for Trump every day.


In his viotriolic comments about his Impeachment Trial (which was rigged from the beginning) Trump said he does not like people who make use of their religious faith to justify doing something that they know is wrong.


He was clearly referring both to Pelosi and to Utah’s Junior Senator, former presidential candidate and former Bay State Gov. Mitt Romney, who lost to President Obama in 2012.


How ironic, that a man (Trump), who gleefully incarcerates children at our southern border, and separates them from their parents, uses his Faith in Himself to justify his notably unChristian actions.


Just in the nick of time, along comes The Reverend Franklin Graham, who had planned an evangelistic tour of Queen Elizabeth’s United Kingdom.


Graham, the son of famed preacher Billy Graham, has made numerous Islamophobic and homophobic comments, and he’s a close ally of Trump.


It was the Islamophobic and homophobic remarks that caused all seven of Graham’s proposed venues in the UK to cancel their engagements (


That’s when our Chief Religion Correspondent, associate solitary reporter Rev. Jim Bob Hobarto, stepped in.


Reverend Hobarto is the President of the Evangelical Unitarian Universalist Association. He was joined by Lewis Thompson III, the EUUA’s Boston-based Moderator.


“I have great respect for the Speaker,” Hobarto said, as the Prayer Breakfast was concluding. “But as an ordained minister — which she is not, as her Catholic faith prohibits that — I can pray for Trump much better than Frankie Graham can.”


He then launched into a three-hour prayer for Trump (that was really hard for him, but his usual eloquence got him through it), Pelosi, and Graham. The prayer was punctuated by the traditional Call and Response for which African American Protestant churches are well known.


But Trump turned up his nose in disgust, and insisted that Graham do the prayers.


Which caused Hobarto and Pelosi to leave in a big big hurry.


“Jim Bob,” Pelosi said, “I was so moved by your magnificent prayer service, I would like you to be both my personal chaplain and the Chaplain for the House.”


When Hobarto told Pelosi that he is from Enterprise, Alabama, which has a world-famous monument to the Boll Weevil, she said that in his first prayer service for the House, he should bring at least one boll weevil for each Republican Member of the House, with a triple dose for Trumpite Jim Jordan.


Hobarto agreed with alacrity, and he dispatched Thompson to Enterprise to fulfill the Speaker’s request.