Trump Rushes Limbaugh to Tears As Senate Rushes to Let Him Off Hook of His Own Making; Caucasian Iowa Democrats Can't Count Caucus Votes

Maine’s Republican senator, Susan Collins, will vote to acquit Donald Trump today.


So will retiring GOP senator Lamar Alexander.


And, no doubt, all the other GOP senators, and maybe even Democrat Joe Mancin.


Iowa is mostly Caucasian, and Iowa Democrats can’t yet figure out who “won” there on Monday in their very outdated Caucus.


Today, the Senate is in a rush to let Donald Trump off the hook.


Trump would still be making real estate deals in Gotham if it weren’t for TV.


True to his nature, he put in a made for TV moment in his State of Disunion Speech last night, when Melania bestowed the Medal of Freedom on always vituperative Rush Limbaugh.


But the best moment of all came when Nancy Pelosi rippped up Trump’s speech after he finished his usual rant.


Associate solitary reporter Keith Coleman met with DNC Chair Tom Perez at five o’clock this morning and told him to get real, real busy.