Pence Gets JFK Completely Wrong; We Celebrate Colorado's Democratic Secretary of State; More on "The Crown"


So much to report on.


CNN is obsessed with the Sussexes, a/k/a Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle. They got tired of being Royals (


Meghan, who is (who woulda thought it? an American) and (who woulda thought it? biracial), has a gorgeous smile.


In the UK, racism seems rampant. Something about the British press it seems.


Peter Morgan is the brilliant creator of Netflik's The Crown, about Queen Elizabeth II and her Family. The Fourth Season is in production.


Our London-based associate solitary reporter, Danielle Packwood, spoke with Morgan today. 


"Danielle,” Morgan said, “With all this To Do about Harry and Meghan, I think we’re heading into a Tenth Season, eventually.”




As a ten-year old boy, your solitary reporter leafletted for John F. Kennedy when he successfully ran for the United States Senate in 1952 to represent the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


He’s only voted for a Republican once, when he voted for Republican Mary Estill Buchanan for Colorado Secretary of State, in 1974.


Serious mistake.


But the Centennial State now has a superb Secretary of State, Democrat Jena Griswold, 35, a Rising Star in the Democratic Party. 




In his desperation to please Donald Trump, former Indiana conservative radio talk show host Mike Pence has gone after the fabled President Kennedy.


In JFK’s award-winning 1957 book, Profiles in Courage, he mentioned a Senator who may have tipped the scales in President Andrew Johnson’s impeachment acquittal in 1868.


Based on that, Pence incorrectly says that Senate Democrats should vote to acquit the most corrupt man ever to sit in the Oval Office.


Enter Jack Schlossberg, grandson of JFK, who rightly shreds Pence’s spurious argument (


Associate soiltary reporter Johanna Jones asked Pence why he did that, and Pence responded to her in the same rude way that Arizona’s Republican junior senator, Martha McSally, spoke to CNN’s Manu Raju when he politely asked her why she doesn’t think witnesses should be called in Trump’s impeachment trial: McSally called Raju a “liberal hack" (


Pence called ASR Jones a liberal hack and slammed the door in her face.